Star Wars Birthday Party Favors

May the force be with you when planning your Star Wars Birthday Party Favors.   There are so many options for the perfect Star Wars themed favors.  You can buy pre made favors either online or at a party store.  You can also make your own or even bake your own if you want something like cookies or cupcakes.  You can also do a mix of both.  You can go all out and have an expensive party favor bag or you can make it on the inexpensive side but still lots of fun.

Some options are to put together a bag and you can place stickers on the front and fill with pencils, toys, candy, bubbles and even Star Wars snacks.  This is mostly an option if you want to buy things – they only DIY part of this is the bag.  Another option is to make pencils look like light sabers or bubble wands into light sabers.  You can also use silicone molds and make crayons, chocolates or even soap.  An easy option for the soap it just a square mold and place a small Star Wars toy in the middle.  There is also the option of coloring books with crayons (you could make the Star Wars crayons).  These are just a few options you can find a lot of ideas for Star Wars Party Favors online and on Pinterest.

From simple to elaborate there are plenty of options out there for the perfect party favor for your Star Wars party.  Kids love taking home fun toys along with candy.